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Apparently, a new wave of people are indignant about the “Mary Hate” and misogyny again.
See this. Mary did this.
(Not Amanda Abbington…ok? I’m not an idiot)
But… Mary did this.
I believe Sherlock has a plan in mind, a goal, a reason to claim “surgery” and to spin a tale about a phone call that may never have occurred… (keep your friends close and your enemies closer).
John is, as he says, doing things Sherlock’s way.
Don’t tell me it was her only option.
Don’t make excuses for the poor, pregnant woman (*that’s* misogynistic).
Look at this picture again and tell me how nice she is, how sweet, how kind, how perfect for John. Tell me about your OT3.
I love this man. I am Mummy Holmes. Except… I do know who shot my boy. I have every right to be monstrous.

THANK YOU!!!! I have no soft spot for “Mary Morstan/Watson”


Ghibli Museum Short; 水グモもんもん

Before the production of Princess Mononoke, a project titled Boro, the Caterpillar was considered for a feature release. The producer, Toshio Suzuki, noted that Miyazaki “is getting old” and a chance of doing an action film in the future would be none. So Suzuki pursued Miyazaki to initiate the Princess Mononoke project. A few years later, a story of a small creature living in a vast world still lingered in Miyazaki’s imagination. Thus, he written and directed a fifteen-minute short titled Mizugumo Monmon (Water Spider Monmon); a diving bell spider who fell in love with a water strider.

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