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SDCC BC Best Moments:


The Hobbit Cast Interviewed at Comic Con

Benedict Cumberbatch Interview Penguins of Madagascar:

"Here’s the wide shot of #BenedictCumberbatch because only he can pull off “no shoes” interviews! PS: you’re welcome!"

With Andy Serkis:

SDCC The Hobbit conference:

Comic-Con: Watch Benedict Cumberbatch talk Sherlock, ‘Penguins’ and more



Cumberbatch, Malkovich flock to ‘Penguins’

EW CC portraits:

Benedict Cumberbatch Interview - SDCC Official Panel 2014 - Penguins of Madagascar & Sherlock

THE PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR - Official “North Wind Headquarters”

Benedict Cumberbatch on Smaug and playing a Bond-like wolf in ‘Penguins of Madagascar’

"Sooo I just interviewed the wonderful Benedict Cumberbatch and I only swooned twice. #success


Benedict Cumberbatch on first animated role as Wolf

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