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From Public Radio International’s Bullseye with Jesse Thorn:

When Benedict Cumberbatch spoke to us last year, the interview centered on his portrayal of one of the most well-represented heroes in literature — Sherlock Holmes. Jesse started off their discussion with talk of a more sinister role, however — Cumberbatch’s upcoming portrayal of the Star Trek villain John Harrison. With the release of Star Trek: Into Darkness so far away from the interview’s original air date, that part of their chat didn’t make the cut. Now that the film’s release is a matter of months away, however, it seems a fitting time to revisit it.

Cumberbatch shares his appreciation for the mystery surrounding the new Star Trek film, deconstructs the challenges inherent in bringing a fresh perspective to his interpretation of the legendary detective for the BBC series Sherlock, and details how he emerged from a tremendous trauma with a renewed dedication to living life fully.

Both season one and season two of BBC’s Sherlock are available now. You can also stream them online via Netflix and Amazon Instant.

(A different cut of this interview originally aired 5/15/12)

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